Monday, February 11, 2013

Hi everyone!

So I am still alive -- a horrible cold/flu hit my neighbourhood last month and knocked me on my bum. I missed too much work, slept too many hours (which was good for getting better), and realized (again) how horrible of an experience codeine can be. But I did keep crafting, even though I had not updated in weeks.

I finished up The Lace Mess Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia and it was a fun project. I am going to be gifting it to a friend in a colder city in the Fall as she will be needing it more than I will (the West Coast does not get cold at all in comparison to other cities.) Pictures to come tomorrow!

Also, I started Some Sort of Scarf by Caitlin ffrench; using Royal Purple Galway worsted and some refurbished Berry Tart fingering weight from SweetGeorgia Yarns's Tough Love Sock collection. I am halfway through the 100 grams of worsted and am going to put the project on hold for a bit as I want to knit though the skein and make the scarf all happy and long, but...

I am aching to try out some more lace. I have loved alternating between seed and stockinette stitches while I have been recovering, but I need more of a challenge. And it will be a beautiful scarf that I am already getting compliments on (pictures tomorrow as well!)

Tomorrow, I am going to cast on Elk Tooth by Caitlin ffrench and will give a rad update with photos and yarn types on Wednesday when I return to my regular blogging schedule.

Also, two other notes:

1) I am scratching two projects off my list (The Country Roving Cowl by Baaad Anna's Yarn Store and Lovely Legwarmers for Tall Boots by Caitlin ffrench) because roving and warm weather are not working for this lady! Instead, I will be adding All About Love by Sylvia Bo Bilvia, which I aim to cast on by the beginning of March and complete by Spring Equinox.

2) I took a beginner's sewing class at Spool of Thread and crafted rad throw pillow covers. My wife enrolled me in the course as one of my Solstice presents and it was a great experience, despite having a fever and forgetting my medicine at home. My wife was impressed with my beginner's skills (and they are so great at sewing!)

I will post pictures of the throw pillows tomorrow as well, since it is a holiday from work and I need to fall asleep soon. But I felt that I needed to update! I hope that you are all doing fabulously!


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